Top 15 Improvements


We’re constantly improving and adding value to OnTrajectory –  in June our PowerPlan subscription increases from $5-month / $50-year to $7-month / $63-year.

BUT – if you subscribe now, you can lock-in the current pricing – and it will never increase as long as you remain a subscriber (current PowerPlan members are NOT affected and DO NOT need to resubscribe, you’re already locked in at the current lower price).

Since our last increase, we’ve made a TON of improvements
– below are are the top 15…

 1. Richer output results for our Monte Carlo and Historical Analysis:

2. More insightful “Chance of Success” calculations:

3. Ability to easily project Home & Rental Equity:

4. Ability to ‘ladder’ a Roth Conversion over a number of years:

5. Informative metrics display for the current selected date:

6. Ability to set a “cost basis” for certain types of Tax-Deferred accounts
7. Ability to add multiple Income / Expense / Account items at one time
8. Support for 457b and Roth 401k account types
9. More types of Informational Warnings to ensure your plan is solid
10. Simpler ways to add spouse income
11. Guaranteed 24-hour response time for PowePlan member support
12. Ability to publish and import scenarios to the OnTrajectory Community
13. Ability to export and save a full PDF Report by scenario
14. Ability to update progress by individual account
15. Smarter automatic drawdowns on retirement accounts to maximize projected tax benefits and minimize early withdrawal penalties

And we’re no where near done with 2018 – we have several large feature releases planned before the end of the year. So take advantage of this opportunity to get yourself OnTrajectory and save a few bucks doing so!

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